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Growing up in Wolseley, near Bordertown in rural South Australia, I was always fascinated with the world around me. A product of the late 80’s, I was fortunate to miss the spread of social media, and be part of arguably the last generation of kids who were able to play out on the street exploring all the many wonders that the country-side held. From a young age, deep introspective thought into what my purpose was in the world took over my life. In those days, as a child, I had the time and freedom to sit and contemplate life, plan my approach, and consider how I wanted to impact the world around me.


As I have grown older, I have adopted a vegan lifestyle for health and ethical reasons, and fostered a deep compassion for what faces children who are trying to find their place in the world. I began my training in Yoga eight years ago, and have traveled the world learning from a list of teachers who are assisting other adults in their quest for a healthier life both mentally, spiritually, and physically. Yoga has had a profound positive impact on my life, and continues to do so to this day.

Drawing on a combination of my experience in remedial massage, personal training, and yoga, i founded 'Ahimsa Health’ in 2013 - a wellness program for adults with a multifaceted approach to health and positive lifestyle habits. These programs have been enjoyed by private clients as well as in classes in several locations in premiere gyms and health clubs around Adelaide.

YIPPEE - The Yoga Intelligence Program for Early Education


Stemming from the values established through Ahimsa Health, The Yoga Intelligence Program for Early Education was formed in 2016 to promote joy and positivity in all the children we encounter. The concept is designed to quell the impact of new social media norms, and empower children to approach life in their own unique way, all the while having a positive impact on the Earth, and those around them. Children, whether they are aware of it or not, want to enjoy the liberation and freedom of children from the past generation. Body shaming, online bullying, and pop culture addictions are all present in the lives of millennial children. Whether they are a victim or perpetrator, the YIPEE program aims to instil an appreciation of their classmates, and help the children embrace each other’s differences to reach a higher ground.


The YIPEE program is currently being taught in seven childcare centres around Adelaide, as well as during weekend school holiday workshops. The program has reached approximately 2,000 children since its inception, with the feedback from parents, educators, and the children themselves being truly heart-warming. As the sole founder of YIPEE, I personally feel a great responsibility to implement YIPEE as wide as possible. Since its inception, YIPEE has developed an impressive advisory board, and made connection with orphanages in India, and refugee camps in Lebanon to provide free education and seminars for children growing up in the worst of conditions.

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